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Battery Saver


Fast Charging - Battery Saver is a fast charger app, save energy, save battery, charge quicklyFast Charging - Battery Saver is a new generation app which helps users use battery efficiently and save energy thanks to using the latest technology in analyzing the status of the battery.
Most android devices hav too many games and application. Using too many apps at the same time makes difficulty in managing them, so there are many applications running under background. Users have to charge phone frequently, this can lead to easy battery, called voltage depressions.
Battery Saver - “fast charger” is an effective solution to this problem. App gathers the following basic functions:
ANALYSE BATTERY: Battery status, temperature, time left are constantly updated on the homepage of the app.
CUSTOM MODE: With modes like super saving mode, sleep mode with the specified display mode, users can optimize the remaining time of the battery. In addition, you can also custom your own mode to set the display level that is suit best with your demand while ensuring savings.
OPTIMIZE CHARGING: Let use “optimize” button, system will automatically choose the best charging mode to your device, in order to optimize time charging.
QUICK CHARGE: You do not need to watch your phone when charging becaused we have 3 steps: Quick charger when the battery is under 80%, Full charger when the battery is from 80-100 %, trickle charger when the battery is full and you still do not remove the charger from the phone.
MANAGE RUNNING APPS: A shortcut to exit the running app which is unnecessary, helps saving battery efficiency.
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